Monday, January 11, 2016

Big News!

William has some big news to share! Okay, we all have some big news to share, but we like using William to do it. We will have a new addition to our family in June!

We let the shirt do all the talking with our families over Skype and we finally broke the news to our co-workers this week. I attempted to announce it the same way I did last time -- onesie and baby carriage sugar cookies. It was a project William wanted to be a part of, so he ate did most of the sprinkles and even frosted a cookie. 

I don't think he quite understands the message he's telling people quite yet, but we're starting to talk about it more and get some books from the library to help. We've been reading a lot about potty training and sleeping in a big bed so there is a lot of growing up to do in his near future.

The "I helped" make cookies photo

We're due June 4, but if history repeats itself, we may end up having a May baby.
You can read more about my pregnancy here.

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