Monday, July 11, 2011

My Wonderful Life -- and 2nd year of Marriage

Today is our second wedding anniversary! I can't believe our wedding was two years ago. Sometimes it feels like it was twenty years ago, but most of the time it feels like it was two days ago. I remember it so vividly. . .

. . . seeing Chris for the first time that day

. . . rushing through the family pictures

. . . my dad lifting my veil and giving me away (and how nervous he was)

. . . kissing

. . . the embarrassing toast my sister gave

. . . the party

It was a beautiful day. I loved every minute of it.

This year was a beautiful year. I loved every day of it.

When I was getting ready to get married, a co-worker of mine told me the first year of his marriage was great, it was year 5 and 7 that were hard. The guy standing next to him said, "Well, my first year was really difficult but it was a lot of fun after that." From that conversation I gathered that every marriage was probably different. And every year as the potential to be fun, easy, or hard.

I feel very lucky to say that years 1 and 2 were great. Yes, year 1 had some rough patches (not in our marriage, but in our lives) as we were both unemployed for a long time . . . and we lived with complete strangers. Year 2 was fantastic! We have a home, we both have jobs, we are well provided for (thank you, Lord!) and we are loving this amazing city.

I have learned a few things this year about my husband, myself and about marriage. For one, a healthy/good marriage takes effort and time. If we aren't proactive or careful in how we plan our time, we could easily go days without having a real conversation. And that stinks. I hate it. But it's true. So, we have to make an effort to really spend time together. We have breakfast together every morning. I love this!

Secondly, I have to make a choice to serve -- it doesn't always come naturally. For example, my husband appreciates a clean house. So, if I neglect the laundry, the dishes, or cleaning, it can communicate more than "I don't feel like it right now." My husband does a lot of things for me out of love. Service seems to be in his blood. I'd like to choose to serve him more often. After all, a wife is meant to be a helper right!

Marriage isn't stagnant (or at least mine isn't!). It changes . . . it grows. Just as we as individuals grow and change over time, our marriage does the same. Circumstances, events, and time all impact the way our marriage moves. Hopefully it becomes stronger and better. I can say ours has over this past year. I feel like I know my husband so much better and he knows me extremely well. We have learned and will continue to learn how to live well together.

I know we have much more to learn about each other . . . it will take years! I'm looking forward to year 3 and what it will bring -- what changes will our marriage go through this coming year? What new things will we experience together? Only God knows!

Life is exciting!

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avenuesmom said...

Congratulations Emily & Chris! You guys are in a great season and I'm so glad you're getting to enjoy every moment. Miss seeing you around. :)

Sheryl B said...

You are the most amazing daughter in law. What a joy to have you in our family and have you as the lovely wife of my son. God is sooo good!