Saturday, July 9, 2011

Creative Inspiration

There is nothing quite like an Indie craft fair to get your creative juices flowing. I had never been to one until this morning. I felt like I was in an Etsy store - brick and mortar style. It was amazing. There were silk-screened t-shirts, canvas totes, tea-towels, and more. There were posters, canvas prints, note cards and stationary. There were terrariums, journals, soaps, candles and dresses.

Every vendor was so talented; so passionate about what they made and sold. It was amazing to see how these individuals had turned their interests and talents into a full on business. It was quite inspiring.

My mom used to make things for craft fairs. She was really great at getting us involved too. Not like child-labor or anything--it was more like doing something together as a family. We'd make necklaces, earrings, Christmas ornaments, and cards. Mom did the really crafty things like wall hangings, holiday decorations and potpourri. Then we'd go to the fairs and set up our stuff. This is actually how I learned how to sell things and count back change. I really liked doing the selling.

I don't know if I'd ever do anything so well that I could sell it to the masses like that, but I like doing crafty things (for myself and others). So now, I'm going to get out my sewing machine!

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