Saturday, July 2, 2011

Please Note

Just wanted to let you know that you now have the ability to post comments to my individual pages now! Individual pages being the tabs on the top of my blog: cooking, sewing, reading list, crafts, and photography. So, if you love my pancake recipe (that I took from Betty Crocker) you can let me know . . . just don't tell me if you hate it!

The downside is that you can't comment on each post/update but on the page as a whole; so if you're commenting on something specific please try to be more specific! (i.e. "This is awesome" will mean that everything I do is awesome when what you really meant was "The recipe for the salad dressing is awesome.")

Comment away people -- it really does make my day!

1 comment:

MOLLY said...

Emily you are awesome!!!