Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ready to Commit?

A while back, I purchased a daily deal for a one-month gym pass at half price. I had been wanting to get more cardio in my schedule and with the pain in my legs going down, I thought I was ready for it. And I was! I got to use it in March. And I loved it!

I loved it too much actually, because now I don't want to stop! But the question "Is it worth it?" keeps nagging me and preventing me from full-heartedly commiting to their plan. I only have a few more days to decide before they revoke their offer of a reduced rate ($10 less per month).

The benefits: it's on my route to/from work and easy to get to, never have to wait for a machine, doesn't feel crowded, it's clean.

The things that keep me from joining: the monthly fee and the classes aren't included with basic membership (and right now the classes don't really fit in with my schedule).

I could sign up for another gym for much less, but it's just a little out of the way. They have more classes, but they are often crowded during the evening hours when I would most likely go.

What is important to me in a gym? Well, for starters it has to be affordable. I don't want to feel a financial pinch or pain because I need to go to said gym. Secondly, it needs to be easy to get to. I'd prefer if I didn't need to drive to it everytime I wanted to go because I really just don't like driving. The third thing on my list would be the equipment they have: do they have the machines I like to use, or the supplies I use when doing my physical therapy exercises? Do I have to wait to use them?

I was hoping that in writing out my thoughts it would become clear to me if I should join this gym or keep looking but it hasn't. I could make it work financially. But again I have to ask, "Is it really worth it?"

What do you like or look for in a gym? What made you join/get a membership? Any regrets?

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MSDeyle said...

I've been going to the YMCA for a half a year and I'm really still enjoying it. I've had memberships at numerous gyms but the thing keeping me there is the option of classes. I say option because I'm currently not going to any of them, but knowing that when the routine of the regular machines is boring me and not keeping me motivated, there is still that option and I always enjoy it.

Another thing I look for is if there is anyone else I know who works out there. People I wouldn't want to work out with, plus the people that would motivate me to go more. Both are important. :) Example: I don't always love working out with a coworker or distant friend b/c it can be intimidating or awkward... hope that helps!