Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Inspiration

I've been thinking a lot about what motivates me and inspires me lately. Specifically in the areas that I tend to blog about . . . basically all the areas of my life! And I found that it's mostly other people. Sometimes I'm inspired by a friend, a conversation, one of their own ideas, or maybe it's a magazine or blog or dare I mention pinterest?

So many of you out there have such great ideas. I love reading about what you do to keep your kids busy (like using finger paint to make butterflies with your feet) or how you stay motivated to keep training for your 10K (cause I need the motivation too). Or how your friends decorated for your baby shower. Or how you hand made your Christmas gifts, Valentine's treats, or came up with a theme for a party. It's all so inspiring.

Why? Because it makes something that could be seen as mundane or normal special and memorable. (And sometimes it is even more cost effective for those of us on a budget!) That's what I want. I want my life to be made up of special and memorable moments!

I've decided to share with you the websites that I find to be the most inspiring to me these days:

 - The Krazy Coupon Lady - she helps me find the best deals and saves me a ton of money (at least $30 a month) And she posts great (yet affordable) gift ideas.

 - The Pioneer Woman - she was an inspiration to me when I was looking for a purpose in my blogging. This lady does everything, but especially cooking and photography.

- Cluck Cluck Sew - This is a newer blog I've started to check out, great for quilting ideas and tutorials

- - This is where I go when I need motivation to live healthier.

- - some of you may already be aware of the power of this site, but I just found it a few weeks ago and I'm in love! Inspiration for everything!

- Etsy - I'm sure I will never have my own Etsy store but just looking at all the things people make is amazing! And it's great for finding ideas for my next projects!

Other sources I find inspiring:
America's Test Kitchen cookbooks (any of them!),
Clean Eating magazine
(Basically any magazine will do if it deals with the home, cooking, and has a little fashion!)

I'm sure there are more and I may be adding to this list on a regular basis but you get the idea. It's important to stay inspired! It keeps us thinking, moving and living!

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MSDeyle said...

I love that point out the positives of reading other people's blogs because I feel like I am always defending myself to people that don't. Yes, you can get wrapped up in someone else's world or jealous, but you can also find inspiration that will motivate you and push you farther than you thought you could go.