Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Birthday of Concerts

Chris grew up going to concerts and music has always been something he enjoys and cares about. He can tell you which song turned him into a fan of ____ genre and what band had _____ effect on him at ____ time in in his life. (He's more specific than leaving blanks in his sentences though.) He's been listening to quite a few "new to him" groups over the last few months which has been really fun for both of us.

When I asked Chris back in March what he wanted for his birthday he mentioned that this band called Bon Iver was going to be in town the week before his birthday and he would really like to see them. So, I was on the look out for tickets and last Thursday we went!

It was a different crowd than I'm used to (please note that I did not grow up going to concerts), but the concert was fantastic. The stage set up was really cool and the band much bigger than I imagined and the music was really great. We stood in the middle, not more than 50 feet from the stage and really enjoyed the whole concert.

I'm sure there are clips on the internet for those interested in hearing his unique (kind of high-pitched) sound. Sorry we didn't take photos or anything!

Two days later his uncle and cousin were coming up for a concert in Vacaville (about an hour north of San Francisco). He had invited us along and offered to purchase the tickets for us and put us up in a hotel room for Chris's birthday (that's what he said anyway). The band was "Better than Ezra" which Chris has liked for many years. I on the other hand was pretty much clueless.

The venue was a lot smaller than any of us were expecting and the production was pretty laid back but the concert was really fun. The band seemed to have a blast on stage together joking around and doing their thing. The drummer was incredible to watch too.  Better than Ezra was one Chris's cousin's favorites and she was up front the whole time just loving it. It was really cool to see her so excited! The smile on her face afterwards was priceless.

The rest of the weekend we spent enjoying the heat of the sun and the outlet mall. We don't go shopping very often so I think we'll be set for a while with the six+ hours we put in over the course of two days. Getting out of the city and having a small "road trip" of sorts was good for us. We really enjoyed all the quality time we had together.

Chris's birthday isn't for another day but we sure have had a good time celebrating it over the past nine days!

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Anya Michelle said...

How fun! Happy almost Birthday to Chris!!
Love you guys,