Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Great Thing About the Gym

I have been going to a neighborhood gym for three months now. I try to go at least four times a week, sometimes it's more, sometimes it's less. Memorial Day weekend was not a good one for me . . .  I let four days in a row slip by without going to the gym. Oops!

I really enjoy going. It's kind of like "Me Time." I can read while I use recumbent bike, I can listen to music while I use the elliptical machine, sometimes I just think and process. Sometimes I'm so focused on pushing myself I don't think about anything else. It's time set aside on an almost-daily basis where I can do something good for my body and my mind.

I do a lot of sitting at work so to get to the gym after 8 hours of sitting is . . . can I say glorious!? My body loves to move. I need to move! Biking and going to the gym have become the highlights of my day.

I still have quite a few health issues, but working out and taking time to focus on my physical therapy exercises in a gym setting (instead of my living room) has helped a lot. I'm getting stronger, my pain is usually less and I'm in such a better mood. Seriously, I feel so much better after I work out. Even if I didn't want to go in the first place (like Saturday morning or Sunday after church) I am almost always glad I did when I'm done.

One of the things I had expected to see after three months of consistently working out is changes in my physical appearance. Regretfully, I have to admit, that has not changed. The scale and not tipped nor has stomach bulge decreased. (I'm being honest here, so please don't tell me I look fine, blah blah blah . . .) And I know why: I eat . . . and eat . . and eat foods that are not good for my body. I can be really determined and diligent in spending five to six hours at the gym every week but I cannot turn down those donuts, bagels, chocolates and other sugary simple carbs for the life of me. Last month I went two days without sweets . . . that's as far as I got.

So, I'm going to try to improve on that weakness of mine. I have set up a challenge for myself and you and my sugar-despising husband are going to keep me accountable! I am going to say "No!" to sugar and simple carbohydrates for the rest of the month.

I have my workout plan in place. It includes, my PT exercises, cardio and strength training. I've been doing it for three months and I've gotten it down. Now, I'm adding a new element--the diet. The test: do I feel better or look different after 27 days of abstaining from things I know to cause inflammation and weight gain.

I've been on anti-inflammatory medications on and off for almost a year and I'd like to be able to stop taking them. I'd also like to look a little more toned. So, I've got to try this. I'll keep you updated each week and on July 1st, we'll see what happened!

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Anonymous said...

Try reading some GOOD diet books (not the crazy radical ones)! I recently started trying to do better with diet too, and I found some websites & Pinterest that have ridiculously delicious vegan recipes (I add chicken for the fiance). I don't feel as guilty over eating on them either. It's not going to save your diet, but even those "choose this over this" seems to help.