Monday, June 25, 2012

Staying Away from Sugar: Week 3

Once again, I did alright. And that means I've made it an entire three weeks without eating sweets! That's enough time to seriously break this habit! I will admit, I had a little bowl of Jello a few times through out the week. Of course I had the usual culprits of temptation: cookies and ice cream, coffee cake, donuts . . . but I stayed strong.

I read in my "Heath" magazine last week that people who say, "I don't eat _____" are 80% more likely to stick with their diet/choice than if they said "I can't have _____." Saying "I can't" implies a weakness and restriction where as "I don't" is a decision and more empowering.

I really think that is true. When I say "I don't eat donuts" I really don't even want them. If I say "I can't" or "I shouldn't eat that" there is wiggle room to go back and say, "but I will anyway" or "just this once." And then I just feel lousy and my self-talk gets really negative.

I was able to exercise three out of the five workdays last week and I hit the gym hard yesterday.

Here's to staying strong for one more week!

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