Monday, June 11, 2012

Staying Away from Sugar: Week 1

It has already been 7 days since I posted my resolution to stay away from sugar and simple carbohydrates.      And I have to admit, I was scared I wouldn't make it this far. But I did! I have gone 7 days without eating baked goods, simple carbohydrates like white bread or sweets. And it really wasn't that bad. Some days were hard but overall, not bad.

Here are some of the interesting and tempting moments from the last week:
Day 1: The morning was great but in the afternoon a co-worker handed me a piece of homemade chocolate coffee cake. It stayed on my desk all day but I resisted. (I gave it to someone else -- I just couldn't throw something that delicious away.)

Day 2: My church small group was celebrating a birthday with a cake from a specialty bakery . . .  I just watched everyone else eat that decadent dessert . . . with yearning and desire, but did not cave.

There were a few other moments where I was tempted but these two were worth sharing . . . mostly because they make me look so successful in my goals -- haha! Throughout the week, I could tell that I wasn't craving sugar or sweets as much as I normally do. But I was also really motivated to stick with this plan. The weekend was a lot harder. I still have a few sweets around the house and it was really difficult not to go to them. Not because I needed them but because they were there.  Pudding, candy, sweetened cereal. . . you get the idea.

I wasn't able to work out as much as I had hoped this weekend either, on Friday I started coming down with a cold which became a full blown illness on Saturday and put me in bed even through Monday. Hopefully Tuesday will be the start of feeling normal and getting back to normal activities.

Week 1: Success!


MSDeyle said...

Great Job! I am impressed. :)

srbabiak said...

Love you sister! Keep up the good work... not eating sweets :)