Saturday, November 24, 2012


Happy Thanksgiving! 

Last year, I had joined a blog link-up sharing what we were thankful for each day of November. I didn't do that this year, for many reasons, mostly just lack of time.  But lack of time does not infer a lack of thankfulness. Not at all. I wanted to take a moment this weekend and share my thankful heart with you.

* I am so thankful for the (distant) relatives we have in California who we get to spend holidays with throughout the year. It makes living so far away from my family at least bearable during the holidays. I sit in the warmth of their fireplace as I write this!

* I'm thankful for my job, which has been one of the more stable thing in my life for the past two and half years. It may not be the most exciting position or something I am strongly passionate about, but for this season of life, stability and having the regular income has been the biggest blessing.

* I am so thankful for my husband. He is my very best friend and although it has been a challenging year for him, I have seen him grow, take chances and live dreams. I'm so thankful he takes risks (because I don't) and goes after what he wants.

* As you know, we went to Europe for two weeks in September. I am so thankful for the family and friends who made that possible. I'm thankful to God for providing all we needed financially to make that trip happen and for his provision and protection on the trip - we seriously had the best time.

* I seriously love my apartment and I am thankful everyday that I get to live where I do. It's just a one bedroom but it is my home, my retreat, where my soul finds rest (most of the time). It's not beautifully decorated by any means but it is comfortable.

* My church and community group have been a blessing this year as well. Our community group got so big this year that we no longer fit in our apartment so we multiplied into two groups. The transition may have been hard to get used to but I am still so thankful for the group of people we have met and been supported by.

* I'm so thankful for my family - my parents, sisters and brother. I haven't gotten to see any of them since January, but through Facebook, email and phone calls, I think we've been able to stay close. I love them dearly.

* For my husband's family who are now spread across the world, I am so thankful for their friendship and love.  Mom and Dad B. came to visit just a few weeks ago and we had such a great time together! I'm thankful for the opportunities that allow us to know each other better!

* I'm thankful for the hobbies that keep me busy - quilting, card making, cooking, and photography. I feel like I've learned (or at least tried) a lot of different things this year which has been a lot of fun.

*I'm thankful for my blog readers! I really love writing this blog and without you, it would be pointless. Keeping up with the blog has been a good way for me to process, share and keep myself accountable for the things I spend my time on. It also gives me another outlet to be creative. Sometimes, I wish it were a more popular blog, with more comments, followers, and everything else, but I have to remind myself, I don't write for those reasons. I write because I need to and I hope those that want to keep up with me would read it. The rest doesn't really matter.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you continue to count your blessings during this wonderful holiday season!

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