Friday, November 30, 2012

A Reminder of Home

Chris's cousin invited us to tag along for his family's Thanksgiving in Northern California last weekend. Of course we went! We don't really need an excuse to spend time with family, get a way from the city and see more the state (like mountains and lakes). It was a long drive but worth every minute.

Their home was beautiful and the weather, although chilly and definitely winter, was clear and sunny. Looking out their back door we could see the snow-capped Mt. Lassen and Lake Almanor. On Saturday we bundled up and drove to Lassen National Forest to find them a Christmas tree!

I had never gone with anyone to cut down a tree for Christmas before. Last year was my first year even having a real tree, and that one we picked out of a lot at Lowe's . . . which we will do again this year. Anyway, on our drive we came to a road that was covered in snow! This is the first time I'd seen snow in California! And it totally reminded me of home. I loved it. We got out and walked in it and Chris and I threw snow balls at each other!

And then, an even greater reminder of home happened just minutes later (after we got back in the truck) . . . we got stuck! Yep, we hit a dead end in the road and had to turn around. In the process of turning around, we got stuck in the deeper, less traveled snow. All the guys piled out and started shoveling and trying everything they could think of to get out. The women stayed nice and warm in the truck commenting on the hard work our men were doing.

After about 20-30 minutes we got out and our daylight was sneaking away. I couldn't help but reflect on the number of times I had been in that situation before. Growing up in Minnesota and then moving to Colorado both provided many opportunities to get stuck and have to dig your way out. (You would think I would know how to a) drive in the snow better and b) get unstuck faster, but I don't.)

A little later, the second car with us also got a little stuck. Thankfully, it wasn't bad and they could be pushed out easily. That time I just had to get out and take some photos.

I couldn't help but respect the action the men took to get us out, and the determination and strategic thinking you could see in their faces as they dug, pushed, and tried to find ways to get out. I was reminded of the need men have for adventure. To be brave, protectors, and even take on nature. They may not have thought this was "fun" but I bet they felt successful and proud when it was all over!

They found their tree and as the sun set over the mountain we drove safely home.

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