Saturday, November 16, 2013

Babiaks Come to Town

At the end of October, Chris's mom came to stay with us and meet her new grandson. She stayed for a week offering to help me out while Chris was working. I needed her help badly and was so thankful she came! For you sleep deprived mothers, you understand just how valuable that extra nap is during the day and Mom B made that happen! I felt like a different person!

She was so helpful in preparing us meals, watching William while I napped, showered, ate, etc. We even got to go on a walk together (with William), which I really enjoyed. This motherhood thing is really new to me (obviously) so having one-on-one time with an experienced woman was both eye opening and encouraging. Plus, I got to hear stories of my husband's childhood, which is always fun!
Dad B came for a long weekend and the five of us drove up to Sonoma to go wine tasting (only four of us did the actual tasting!). This was William's first adventure outside of San Francisco and he did amazingly well.  Like a true gentleman, he waited until after we left the restaurant to let out his screams. And it was my first time trying out my K'Tan baby wrap, which he seemed to enjoy enough to sleep in while we were out and about. 

There were three generations of Babiak men in our home that weekend so I had to take a few photos. There is potential for a four generation photo to be taken, but I'm not sure when that might happen. We don't see (Great) Grandpa very often. William won't be able to meet my grandparents since they passed away several years ago, but I'd love for him to meet Chris's grandparents and see them as much as possible. 


We had such a wonderful time with them both and are so grateful they could spend the time with us! Looking forward to seeing them again this spring when we welcome another cousin into the world!!

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