Sunday, November 3, 2013

Balance Rewards: Redeemed

Earlier this year, Walgreens started a new rewards incentive program called Balance Rewards. I've been accumulating them ever so slowly but finally reached enough points to equal $20. My problem then became needing to actually spend $20 at Walgreens since I usually just spend a few dollars here and there - especially when using coupons.

Well, the day finally came when I needed to spend $30 - buying infant formula and vitamin D for Baby William. I gladly took this opportunity to redeem my rewards.

Here's what the transaction looked like:
1 can of Gerber Good Life formula - $18.99; used $10 off coupon from Gerber
1 bottle of Enfamil D-Vi-Sol - $11.99
1 prescription refill - $5.99
Total: $27-$20 Balance Rewards = $7 Total Paid

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