Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Baby B: One Month Old

My little man is one month old already! Obviously he has become the focal point of everything we do, according to my blog posts lately, anyway. Its hard to believe I have been operating on so little sleep for this long . . . and I have so many more months of this ahead of me. 

Baby B has a hard time falling asleep anywhere but in my arms. The best way to get him to sleep is to try to feed him. From day one, he has fallen asleep almost instantly after latching on. My battle has been to keep him awake long enough to make sure he stays alive gets the nourishment he needs. Thankfully the scales show my success by proving he has gained weight since leaving the hospital. His current weight: 8 lbs 6 oz.

He has the amazing ability to wake up from a nap as soon as we sit down for dinner. Every. Single. Time. So, one of us ends up eating a cold meal or holding him while attempting to eat with one hand. 

He hates to have his diaper changed . . . no matter what we do. Thankfully we have gotten a little quicker so the screaming doesn't last nearly as long! 

His first real outing (not to diminish doctor appointments or the grocery store) was with us and his grandparents on the Babiak side last weekend. We drove to Sonoma to go wine tasting.  As someone who has abstained from wine for the past nine months or so, this was a very welcomed trip! He did fantastic in the long car trip and throughout the day only had a few fussy moments. I was so grateful.

He has gotten to meet a few of our family members this month: my mom, both of Chris's parents and Chris's cousin and his wife. Several friends and co-workers have stopped by for a visit or to bring us meals, too! We have yet to venture out to larger social gatherings, but hope to soon!

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