Saturday, October 8, 2011

2011 Walk for Life - Complete

It was the most perfect day for the Walk for Life. I arrived at the Alpha Pregnancy Center in SF with the sun shining and the promise of warmth -- the high for today was 66 degrees. It was perfect. After completing my registration and turning in my fundraising dollars, I joined my team. (I'll get to my fundraising results in a minute.)

I had originally been assigned to a team that would be walking a total of 2.2 miles which is what I had hoped for since I wasn't sure what kind of shape my feet would be in. (They are still going tingly on me.) Anyway, I ended up being moved to another team because they needed one more person. "Team I" needed to walk 3.7 miles. (Oh, boy! Help me Lord!) I haven't walked that far in a few months.

After a brief orientation where we were given directions and guidelines on what to expect and what to do, the 9 teams split up to cover a 4 mile radius of the city. Each team was given numerous gifts to deliver to a family who has been blessed by the services and care of the pregnancy center. A few teams were asked to visit two families, but my team was assigned to one. Then we were to walk to a near-by park for a BBQ.

This "Team I" -- Matthew and Grace above and Reed and Dylan below. (I even had someone take my picture too so you knew I was there)

When we got to the home of the family, we were greeted by the mother and she asked us to wait 5 minutes while the kids finished taking their bath. We arranged the gifts outside the door and waited. 

The mom came back 5 minutes later with a 6 month year old in her arms and two little boys at her feet (2 years and 4 years old). They just stared at the pile of presents and then slowly warmed up to us and started reaching into the bags. There were gardening tools, stuffed animals, books, and so much more. We didn't open everything with them, just enough to keep them occupied while we spoke with the mother and asked her how we could pray with her. 

After we prayed for her, her children, and the specific requests she mentioned, we said good bye. We started our walk to the park. This stretch of the walk was a little more rigorous; the first half had been pretty easy and flat, but now we had hills to go up . . . and down. Got to love San Francisco!

Once we made it to the park, the director of the Alpha Pregnancy Center shared a story of one of the ladies who was blessed by the services and counseling of the center. She was so changed by their ministry to her that she now volunteers twice a week! Then we had a picnic lunch to celebrate!

I know you are all curious how my fundraising went for this event -- and I have to say I was blown away by the encouragement I received and willingness of many of you to be a part of helping families in this city (whether it's your city of not). I had started with a goal of $250 -- which I would say for me was pretty substantial. I haven't attempted to raise money for anything in years! And I'm just so excited to say that you met and exceeded my goal! I was able to turn in over $300!  How awesome is that! I'm still waiting to receive a few donations in the mail so I don't have an exact number yet. I'm also hoping that I can find out how the whole event did and be able to share that with you too. So stay tuned!

My feet did pretty well during the long walk -- only a few times did they start to feel a little weak and tingly. But I made it! I did all 3.7 miles! PTL! This was just one more blessing for the day.

Thanks for all your support and prayers for me and the families that the pregnancy center helps!

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Sheryl B said...

Thanks for sharing the photos - and what a beautiful day! Love you!