Monday, October 31, 2011

Giving by Faith

Giving has been on my mind lately, especially because several of my friends are on support-raised salaries. Each month, Chris and I go over our monthly budget and decide where/who to give to. Our list is long . . . and our funds are limited.

I know that giving in general has decreased as our nation goes through economic hardship.  A little over two years ago, the non-profit I worked for had to lay-off hundreds of people (including me) because giving was down. I work for another non-profit now and thankfully no one has mentioned "lay-offs" but other cuts are always being made. I am so thankful to the donors who support my employer so I can continue to make a living.

I will be honest: I am very thankful that I don't have to raise my own support. I've raised funds for a few short-term missions trips and that was stretching enough for my taste. My heart goes out to my ministry friends who do have to raise their own support. They did not shy away from the work they are called to do because they'd have to ask and trust God for their salaries. They are much braver and more full of faith than I.

Recently, we've been made aware that quite a few of our full-time ministry working friends are in need financially. They, too, are being impacted by the nation's poor economy. As donors/supporters lose their jobs or go through hardships of their own, they are forced to stop giving.

And if that happens to several of your donors . . . what happens to you? Talk about carrying each other's burdens! I bet my ministry friends are the most faithful prayer warriors for my job!

I know many of you may already being giving as much as you possibly can - and I applaud your faithfulness! It takes courage to give when you cannot be certain of the job market next month. It takes great faith to trust in our Provider for our daily bread.

I want ask those of you who want to (or know you need to) give—but do not know where to give—to let me know so I can connect you with our friends who need you! (For privacy sake I am not posting specific names/ministries here but will email you a list if you are interested.)

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