Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Baby Gifts

Two of my cousins recently had babies! One of the downsides to living so far away from family is that I miss out on meeting my new relatives and partaking in the normal baby showers and celebrations. But I found the perfect care package/baby gift to send to express my joy and care for their new babies.

Burp cloths:

baby girl gift

for baby boy

I got the idea from my friend Lauren who has a new baby niece. She's made quite a few of these burp cloths and told me that they were really easy to make and very handy for the new mom.

These are Gerber cloth diapers (the same style my mom probably used when I was a baby). I found some fabrics that I thought would decorate the new mom and dad's shoulders nicely and cut and sewed. It was pretty easy! I've also heard that they are so absorbent that they get used to wipe up just about everything!

Happy parenting!

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