Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Festivities Continue

December has already proven to be a busy month. I suppose the Christmas season usually is a busy time of year. Everyone is out doing their shopping and making plans for their holiday celebrations. Here area few highlights from this month of Christmas festivities:

It all started on December 3rd with my chiropractor throwing a Christmas party. I know. It's crazy. Anyway, it was fun. She did a fundraiser for an homeless shelter where we all brought toys for the children living there. You should have seen the pile of toys she ended up with. It was awesome.

Last weekend Chris and I went downtown to take a look at Union Square. It was beautiful! Nothing like the lights of downtown to get you into the holiday spirit!

Last week some of my co-workers and I participated in a cookie exchange. Baking is one of my favorite things about the holidays. As I was baking my ginger snap cookies I couldn't help but remember all the goodies my mom would make every year. 

Seriously, these ladies put my baking to shame with their special Christmas treats. Everything was so delicious!

And this past weekend a friend hosted a fun ornament decorating party. I had never been to one of these before but it was a blast! The host had 5 different types of ornaments you could make with all the supplies you needed. It was a great afternoon of fellowship and creativity!

This week we will be attending a Christmas concert by "Future of Forestry" (an amazing band that if you haven't heard yet, you need to check them out) and my work Christmas party - and that should be the last of the festivities before we board a plane to San Antonio to spend Christmas with my husband's family. I truly love this month of festivities!

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