Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Great Dickens Christmas Fair

Chris and I attended the annual Dicken's Christmas fair this weekend. We'd heard of this event last year but weren't able to go. This year, I was ahead of the game and bought our tickets the week of Thanksgiving. We weren't going to miss it again!

The Dicken's fair is like a time warp to Charles Dicken's life in London. The venue is transformed into the city streets, shops, pubs, restaurants and concert venues. It felt like you were being transported through time. People were even dressed up to match the time period. There was music, dancing, monologues and even a reading of A Christmas Carol by Dickens himself! (Well, okay, it wasn't really him.) Queen Victoria even made an appearance!

 This was a Scottish and Irish Dance Show - I love the hard clacking of their shoes on the floor.

                                              "Brass Farthing" singing about beer mostly!

                                  Just one of the many scenes set up "on the streets of London"

I know this isn't the best shot, but just look at their dresses!

A traveling music group - we heard them quite a few times

This was the "Bruno Band" that played waltzes and polkas for people to dance to

This was a special performance by the Bay Area youth harpists

This was a professional Celtic Harpist, Chris Caswell

As soon as you walked into the venue, you were surrounded by the scents of cider and roasted peanuts. There was even fake snow falling on you! As we walked around, there were other Christmas-y smells and music. It really did feel like you were walking the streets of London from long ago.

Next year, we may need to dress up too!

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