Monday, June 17, 2013

Big Change After 8 Years

I've worn glasses since I was in 2nd grade. They were big, round and plastic. Ever since then, whenever I got new glasses my goal had been to find glasses that were as far away from that image as possible. And then . . . the 90s came back. Everywhere I look, people are wearing the very glasses I hated for three years of my life. They might even be bigger . . . ugh. And honestly, most of the time, people look great wearing them. But for the life of me, I couldn't do it.

A month ago I ordered new glasses. I hadn't ordered new frames since December 2005. Seriously. Eight years. That is a record for me. I've gone through five pairs of glasses, now on my sixth in twenty-two years. (Seriously... 22 years... thank you Lord for the invention of vision-correcting spectacles). *note that I've had my lenses updated way more frequently.*

Anyway, enough of this year-counting, it's scaring me. The point is, I finally got to update my look after so long. But actually, I loved my old look. These glasses were my all time favorites. I remember picking them out, being so nervous no one else would like them, that I actually canceled my order and made my mom come back with me to decide. She liked them, so I got them and I've never doubted them since.

But it was time for an updated prescription so I thought I should also get new frames. I found a coupon on a daily deal site and went for it. Let me just say, I hate picking out frames. Hate it. Worse that swimsuit and jean shopping. I think it's because they are so expensive (for blind bats like me) and I wear them everyday, so it matters. The coupon I got helped, but they were still expensive . . . and I am frugal beyond frugal.

Anyway, after sitting there for at least thirty minutes and debating between three different frames, I chose these. And guess what . . . their plastic! AAHH. I'm back to plastic. At least they aren't round! I picked them up on Friday, terrified that I would hate them. But I think I like them. They are a lot more bold than my old pair, but I can get used to being bold.

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