Sunday, June 23, 2013

Register Rewards from Walgreens

It has been a while since I've purchased anything using coupons. I got a little burned out from the couponing craze for a while . . . several months actually. But, Walgreens had a few things that we've been in need of at a decent price, so I jumped back in this week. And the high came right back! (oh, dear).

I did two transactions because there were register rewards involved and I wanted to use one to pay for the second order.

Transaction 1:
 - H+ Creme (TMI, I know): Regular price: $9.99, on sale for $7.00 with $7 in Register Rewards
Paid: $7.61 (including tax) and received $7 RR

Transaction 2:
 - Colgate Toothpaste 4 oz.: Regular price $3.79, on sale for $3.00 with $2.50 Register Rewards; also used $.75 off coupon
 - Reach Floss 30 Yd: Regular price $4.49, on sale for $2.99 with $2 Register Rewards
 - Kleenex Tissue (2 boxes): Regular price: $1.49, on sale for $1 each.
Paid: $7 RR from previous transaction and $.94 (including tax) and received $2 and $2.50 RR

So, I ended up spending $8.55 (with $1.10 being sales tax) and have $4.50 RR left for my next purchase. The total value (regular price) would have been $21.45 if I ever needed to buy this stuff while it was not on sale (gasp! but it does happen).

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