Sunday, August 18, 2013

Baby B: 33 Weeks

How far along: 33 weeks (sorry, the photo is a week old already)

How big is the baby: Weighing about 4.2 pounds and measuring 17-18 inches long (according to those lovely Internet statistics)

Sleep: Sleep is back to being difficult. Between getting up to go to the bathroom every two hours and the nerves in my arms go crazy when I sleep on my side, I wake up pretty exhausted.

Best moment of the week: I spent a lot of time with friends of mine who are either expecting or recently had babies, it was rare and really fun to be around friends going through (or went through) the same things I am going through.

Worst thing: I've had pain in my hands and arms for a few years now, but it had subsided over the past six months or so . . . it's back. And being tired all of the time.

Symptoms: Swollen ankles and a growing belly. It feels like I'm getting bigger everyday. Fatigue.

Movement: Still moving a lot, but Baby has calmed down a lot in the evenings now which is helpful. At least that's not the reason I'm not sleeping! Baby B. is upside down already. That makes sense since I've had more pressure on my bladder, and I felt the first few kicks to my ribs.

What I miss: Moving around easily. Bending over to tie my shoes is a strain and getting out of bed is a little more difficult.

Food Cravings: Sweets. Of course! I've actually attempted to cut them out this week though. So far, so good. Carrot sticks have been great and I am loving fruit too.

Food Aversions: No real food aversions, food is food. And I love it all.

Maternity Clothes: All the time. I love my yoga pants! I find skirts and dresses are much more comfortable than jeans right now.

Things People Say: The funniest comment came from a man at the bus stop asking me for a lighter--I turned toward him and he said, "*&;^%, your pregnant, never mind!" I laughed. People have offered their seats to me on the bus more often now. Most people don't make comments, they just kind of glance toward my stomach and look up with a smile.

Exercise: I'm still working out about 3-4 times a week at the gym. My routine is 20 minutes on the elliptical followed by some stretches and back exercises. If I'm feeling up for it, I'll do some squats and freehand weights. I stopped going to my yoga class as my back never felt right afterwards. I sort of miss it, but like not having to be anywhere on Saturday mornings.

Last Appointment: August 14 - everything looked good; baby is head down now. Our centering class discussed family traditions and what we wanted to carry on from our own childhoods and the things we didn't want to carry forward. We also talked about identifying the people we can reach out to for help after the baby is born . . . look out, you might be on the list!

Next Appointment: 
August 28 - hospital tour!

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