Thursday, August 22, 2013

Friends and Kites

 Last weekend was a pretty great weekend. It stands out in my mind because although I still had my normal chores, housekeeping and "to-do list" to do, we spent a lot of time with our friends, which hasn't happened in a while. And I rarely grab my camera when I hang out with SF friends, but this time I did!

On Friday night, we joined another couple for dinner. They are expecting their first child a few weeks before us so we had lots to talk about. We also played "Bang" late into the evening. Something neither couple will have energy for in a few months! It just a really great (can I say sweet?) time!

A large group of us from church got together to see a friend's art exhibition on display on Saturday; she's an artist and usually does more Japanese inspired painting but for this exhibit she designed and painted kites. They were beautiful! It coincided with a Family Kite Day event put on nearby so we got to do both; and we had a picnic together. The day was perfectly warm and sunny which was great except if you wanted to fly a kite! It seemed like it had been forever since we had the "whole gang" together like that so it was another "sweet" time of fellowship.

 This kite was huge! The wind wasn't quite strong enough to keep it up
for long but it was pretty cool anyway.

Chris couldn't say no to trying the slack line set up for kids

The expectant mamas

On Sunday morning we had arranged for a friend to take our maternity photos. I had taken theirs last year. The weather was perfect and she did a great job. I can't wait to show you! After church, Chris had a meeting that ran way to late for this hungry-pregnant lady. I was chatting with some friends and they invited me over spontaneously to snack on their fresh Farmer's market organic produce. I couldn't turn that down! Seriously, amazing food and great fellowship. And I love that they felt they could be spontaneous about it. It was great.

Later that evening we brought dinner over to a family and had a great time catching up with each other and hearing about how they adjusted to having a baby and how life continues to go on for them now with an 8 month old.

Friends are so wonderful, and most of the time, I wish I had more time and energy at the end of the day/week to spend with them.  This weekend was so refreshing! And a great reminder of how blessed I am to have a community here.

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