Friday, August 23, 2013

Why I Don't Pay for Printer Paper

Why don't I pay for the paper for my home-printer? Well, because I don't have to! No, I don't steel it, or get it from someone else. I doubt that would be blog worthy! I buy it. And technically, I guess at the time of purchase I do pay for it. But, I get rebates! Which makes it free!

Staples* frequently run sales where you can get a rebate for a ream of paper after purchase. I've done it twice now! I signed up for their Staples Rewards program and get weekly emails with specials like this one:

You can either print the coupon or you can use their mobile app and scan that at the store. It's easy! Their paper isn't exactly cheap. This ream would normally cost $7+ but with their coupon I paid $3.99 and could fill out the rebate form online to get $3.99 back! I don't even have to use a stamp to submit the rebate anymore!

There are cheaper places to buy printer paper; I'd probably shop there if I didn't have these rebate offers. But free is free. And saving any amount of money, even just $7 every once in a while will help my family stay within our budget and reach our financial goals . . . or at least make it possible to go out for ice cream!

*Staples has no idea who I am and is not endorsing this post. I just really wanted to share so you could get free paper too!

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