Friday, August 30, 2013

Creating Space: Furniture Update

With just six weeks left before Baby B enters our world, Chris and I have really started to think seriously (and plan accordingly) about making space for our little one. We have a one bedroom apartment, which is probably around 600 square feet. We love it. It's been our comfortable home for the past three years and has been perfect for the two of us. And now, we need to make it at least functional for the three of us!

A while back, I wrote about our hunt for furniture and our great china hutch find. After that, I had been looking for a few other key pieces on a weekly (okay, daily) basis - an entry way table with storage, a dresser that can be used as a changing table, and shelves.

It was slow going. Really. Everything we found that we remotely liked was either too expensive (especially for used furniture!) or two far away. I'd been looking for months. Seriously. And as time was speeding by and my baby bump was getting bigger, I felt like we needed to hurry it up a bit.

Chris agreed to go to IKEA with me, it seemed like our last resort, but we knew they'd have the functional pieces we needed. We spent a few hours there, which wasn't bad. And Chris handled it well. He had never been there before so I was a little worried he'd be overwhelmed; thankfully we got there right when it opened so it wasn't too crowded yet. We even stopped for some Swedish meatballs!

So, without further ado, here's a before and after photo for you!

The change wasn't drastic by any means, but it does provide us with a lot more storage! I didn't think to take a photo of all the stuff in our bedroom that now fits in this new cabinet, but now we have space for a pack'n play/mini crib next to our bed.

And all my hobby stuff is in one place! My camera and equipment, card making supplies, and sewing materials are all hidden away and much easier to get to! Success!

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