Monday, February 27, 2012

And The Oscar Goes to . . .

Last night was the Academy Awards. I'm sure you were aware of that. For me, they usually aren't a big deal. I should say before I was married they weren't a big deal. Since my husband is a huge fan of movies and hopes that they will one day be his career, they are a huge deal! Every year we talk of having people over to watch them, but we end up having scheduling conflicts or just being too busy to act on our intentions. But not this year!

We started talking about our Oscar party a long time ago. But we actually didn't start making any real plans until last week. That being said, it was a busy week!

But, busy as it was, it was so super fun! I did some blog-stocking research and found a lot of great ideas and even a few easy downloadable extras.

Take a look at our "Night at the Oscars."

We had a pool going of who would guess the most award winners right. I made the ballots and everyone voted before the Academy Awards started. As they announced each winner you would hear someone shout "Yes!" and quite a few others moan "Argh!" It definitely made me follow the show better! 

I came up with a little "photo booth" of sorts for us to have a little fun during the commercial breaks. Almost everyone participated in the fun and we got some great photos! (I'll protect them and not post them here, but trust me, they were great!) Hopefully, they'll be a reminder of the great night we all had!

I found downloadable wine charms to help us tell our glasses apart. I, of course, was "Best Picture!" The Oscar statues were also from a downloaded PDF and were just printed on card stock.

We restructured our dining room so of course the lighting got in the way! Everyone taller than 5 1/2" was in danger (sorry guys)!

I made little tags for all the food and had people write on them when they arrived with their goodies. This was a slow-cooker sweet-and-sour meatball recipe from my favorite America's Test Kitchen. I didn't get photos of everything (my bad) but there was plenty to go around!

As the award show came to a close there were three guests very close to winning our pool prize. Not surprisingly, Chris was among them. And when the last three awards were announced, Chris was in fact, the winner! (I think he was extra motivated since he already knew that the prize was 2 movie tickets.)

We all had a wonderful evening and will definitely make this an annual event!

P.S.  Of the movies up for Best Picture, my vote had been Hugo. We really enjoyed that one. And it did take home quite a few awards! My other favorites this year were Midnight in Paris, The Descendants, and The Help.

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Such a fun party! Thanks for including us. -- chastidy