Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kisses from Katie: A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption

A few weeks ago I was reading a blog and came across another blog link to Kisses From Katie, I was curious and started reading a few posts and just had to keep reading. Eventually, I decided I needed to know more and got her book from the library. 

A few years ago, Katie Davis was a high school senior who took a short term mission trip to Uganda. This trip would change her life. A year later, she had moved their, permanently. In the four or so years that she has lived there, she's legally adopted 14 girls, runs a non-profit that provides education, food, and medical supplies to 400 children in area villages. She feeds the hungry, cares for the elderly and takes in the orphan (literally). 

I can't believe that this young woman (who is the age of my youngest sister) has such a solid walk with God. Everything this woman does exudes Jesus. In her writing she comes across as very humble and compassionate but when you are reading her story you can see a supernatural strength and courage. God is truly using one woman to change lives -- she may even change the world. 

Reading a few of her stories reminded me of my time in Africa, and I did start to miss it. She shares stories of meeting each one of her adopted daughters, how her non-profit came to be, and the struggles she had of leaving all the comforts of America to live across the world. Many of the situations she comes across would be hard for me to stomach. But she has this theme through out her day to day life. She just keeps loving those in front of her. And her love is very tangible. She touches, she feeds, she shelters, she fixes, she cares.

I felt a little convicted when reading the book. Guilty that I don't live in a dirt hut and give all of my resources away to help those in need. Guilty that I don't even come close. Guilty that I don't have that kind of deep faith/trust with my Savior. Page after page, I kept questioning, "God, what is my life suppose to look like, what should I be doing?"

I haven't heard His response yet, but I know I need to tell you to read this book. It will help renew your eternal perspective and tug your heart in the right direction of caring for the things God cares for. His story is the story of relentless love and redemption. Katie's story is just one example of how we see it here on earth.

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