Saturday, February 25, 2012

Quilting Expo: Where it all started

Last year two of my friends and I went to a quilting expo. At the time, none of us were big quilters much less into sewing. You can read about our trip here. But it sparked an interest in all of us and we started a little sewing club of sorts and have done a lot in the past year. 

The quilting expo happens to be a regular event (twice a year) so one of my friends (the other was not in the country) and I made the trek again today. I had big plans and a long list of things to get. 

It can get really overwhelming looking at all the different booths of fabric and sewing supplies. But it can also be very inspiring! We did a quick walk through to see what was there and then headed back to the booths that originally caught our attention. 

My friend even tried one of the exhibits featuring a special tool used for cutting fabric:

To be honest, choosing fabric is probably my least favorite part of sewing. I love looking at it, don't get me wrong, and I love "going shopping" for it. But making the final decision is really hard. And coordinating fabrics is not one of my strengths. 

Thankfully, my friend has a special gifting in that area and helped me pick out a lot of really great stuff. 

Afterwards, we headed to JoAnn Fabrics to pick up the other things we needed for our projects and stopped for lunch. Now, I just need to set aside some sewing time and get started!

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