Thursday, February 16, 2012

Cake Decorating: Lesson 1

My sisters bought me a cake decorating kit for Christmas and on Monday I finally got to use it! One of our very good friends turned 30 and I decided to make a big deal about it and make him a cake.

I had seen my mom decorate birthday cakes for years (like 27 or something) so I thought I would start my first project doing what I had seen her do a hundred times.  She made it look so easy! Well, after my first attempt at it, I decided to crack open the decorating book that came with the kit. Yes, I realize I should have done that first!

I was able to fix it up a bit and it didn't turn out too bad! It tasted delicious even if the looks could improve--I made the chocolate cake from scratch, thanks to Betty Crocker.

To complete this special birthday dessert I made another batch of homemade ice cream. This time: Grasshopper Pie (mint, brownie, and chocolate chip). 

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