Sunday, July 14, 2013

MN Part Three: Cousins

Next Stop: Grand Forks. Maybe I should call this my North Dakota trip instead! I stayed with my sister and her husband for two nights and spent the day with my cousin Erin and her son Blaine. I hadn't seen Erin in two years and had not met Blaine yet as he will turn two in November. 

Erin and I grew up practically next door to each other until I was seven. As next-door as you can be in rural Minnesota anyway. I never thought I'd live far away from her and often thought that our children would be best friends too. I never thought we'd go two years without seeing each other, but life doesn't always go the way you dreamed when you were five. 

Anyway, I was thankful to be able to spend the whole day with Erin and her son. To be a part of her life again. We started with a trip to the park, and after lunch we brought out the sprinkler and kiddy pool and watched Blaine enjoy the water on the hot day. It was a very low-key day for which I was thankful. Don't get me wrong, I would have gladly gone on errands with them and run around town, but sitting around and playing with the water was very relaxing.

*Insert sigh of missing those relaxing, warm, summer days of the Midwest*

That evening, I made dinner for my sister and her husband we watched a movie and went to bed. The next day would be July 4th and we'd make our way to Plummer.

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