Wednesday, July 17, 2013

MN Part 4: The 4th of July

I think I've grown to love my small town upbringing the longer I'm away from it. I appreciate it so much more than when I was in school. I made my way home to Plummer, MN for the 4th of July. I figured, why not visit my lovely little hometown when everyone will be there!

I sat with my high school classmate Rachelle as her boys scrambled for candy being thrown from the passing floats during the parade. We watched as our classmates drove tractors with their kids in tow and other well-known people from the area in all sorts of vehicles. 

I wandered the streets with my sister and brother-in-law and talked to many people along the way. I loved running into the women from my home church. They of course, were excited that I'm expecting. I saw several neighbors and parents of other classmates who weren't able to attend, high school teachers I haven't talk to in years, and was even hugged by an extremely drunk man who I think was the custodian of my school at one time. (That part was awkward for me and several people who were eye-witnesses.)

We went home for lunch and mom cooked up a great feast of hamburgers, salads, and watermelon. While she was busy in the kitchen I decided to go visit with my dad while he was putting up a new fence for our sheep. Well, visiting of course turned in to helping, and before I knew it, I was in the field, in dress and sandals, holding fence posts and gates, attempting to keep the sheep from escaping. (I can't say I technically chased them this time, as I could only waddle at best . . . but you can picture it.) Sure enough, a few got past me, or rather, found another way out and we had to call in the reinforcements, because again, I shouldn't be running in my condition. 

After the fence was secure, we had lunch and lounged around for a bit. We headed back into town for the evening festivities and more mingling among friends. My sister and brother-in-law headed back to Grand Forks that night and my mom and I watched the fireworks.

It was a very relaxing day with friends and family and I was so glad to be home.  Sometimes I miss life in the country.

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