Monday, July 29, 2013

Where'd you go, Bernadette?

Where'd you go, Bernadette? by Maria Semple was a great book to bring along on my trip to Las Vegas. I finished it in just a couple of days. It's uniquely written in the form of letters from one character to another with bits of narration thrown in by Bernadette's daughter. 

It's quite hilarious . . . the things this family does. Or specifically, what Bernadette does. But I can't give too much away, because it will ruin it for anyone who reads it. And I think you should read it. It will make you laugh . . . (although, some parts are sad).

Let's just say, it involves a gifted child, a Microsoft workaholic father and family vacation to Antarctica . . . throw in a crazy neighbor or two and a house that's falling apart. And Bernadette. 

And it has a great ending! (I can't say that about many books.)

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