Saturday, September 24, 2011

Brinner and Company

Last month Chris and I invited our friends over for a game night. It was pretty low-key; four people came and we ordered in pizza and I made that delicious salad and chocolate pie. We're hoping we can make this a regular thing -- being a little more intentional with how we spend our time and getting to know people. Community has been a very strong theme in our minds over the past year and we're playing around with what that looks like.

We had our second game night last night. We had breakfast for dinner (Brinner). Pancakes, eggs, bacon, and someone even brought scones! Four guys joined us. I was the only girl. Initially I thought maybe I should just go to my room after dinner and let these guys have a "guy's night." Or spend the evening cleaning up the kitchen so they could play the games.

But we were playing new games that our guests had brought and I really wanted to learn how to play them, so I stayed. I'm so glad I did! We had a blast. One was a German game called 6 Nimmt! and the other was Monopoly Deal (a faster version of Monopoly in card form). Both were easy to learn and really fun.

Two of the guys that came are full-time missionaries currently on furlough/home-leave. We had a great discussion and I really enjoyed hearing stories from "the field." It always reminds me of the experiences I had when I lived overseas and the hard lessons I learned. Most of the time, those memories seem very far away and almost like another life. I'm always fascinated by stories of the things the Lord does through his people.

And what better way to hear these stories than around the "breakfast" table! It's real life, real conversation, real connection, real community!

Looking forward to next month's game night! You're all invited!


Sharon M said...

Have you guys played "7 Wonders"? Chris might like it. Check around and see if you can borrow it from someone.

Millersoctober said...

Glad you got in on game night! It always infuriates me when women spend the evening cleaning up the kitchen because it means they miss out on the moment at hand. Appreciate what's in front of you, I say, whether it be people, games, both, etc.. Don't do something lame like clean a casserole dish. =)