Sunday, September 18, 2011

Project 2: Place Mats

May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day! As I've been in a crafty-do-it-myself mood lately, I decided to make my Mom her Mother's Day gift this year (you know, like back when I was 7). I decided to make her place mats for her gorgeous oak dining room table. I wanted them to be something spring-y, pretty but not too pretty since my dad would have to use them too and functional (something she wasn't afraid to actually use). And since I had to keep this a secret while I worked on them over the past couple weeks (so my faithful blog-reading Mother wouldn't find out), you'll be getting the full story and how-to pictures all at once.

I decided to make them reversible so that she could have a couple choices depending on the occasion or meal. I headed to JoAnn fabrics with a few ideas in mind only to be quite overwhelmed and disappointed in my options. I probably spent 45 minutes just wandering the store looking for what I had in my mind. After coming to the realization that they just didn't have it, I started actually looking at what they did have . . . in the end, Chris actually helped me pick out a green, blue and brown striped pattern along with a solid brown for the opposite side.

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