Saturday, September 24, 2011

My New Kitchen Resource

I was doing my menu planning yesterday after work (I like to get it out of the way before my weekend officially starts) and as I was reading through a few new recipes I wanted to try, I realized that I didn't have half of the ingredients. I had similar ingredients but not the exact ones the recipe called for.

I hate buying ingredients that will only get used for one recipe. Most often it means that half of it will go unused and eventually go bad. Wasted. They also take up valuable space in my "pantry" and I don't have much to spare. So, I've come to terms with the choice before me: a) pass up the recipe and find something else or b) substitute.

So yesterday while I was making my shopping list and realizing that these recipes were just too expensive, I wondered, "Can I still make this recipe work with what I have?" And I found my answer! I did a google search for "ingredient substitutes" and came across this website titled "Cooks Thesaurus." It's amazing! I typed in the ingredient that the recipe called for and it brought me to a description of that ingredient and possible substitutes; it also gives you some information about common uses and tips.

I found that all of the ingredients I didn't have could easily be swapped with something I did have! I realize that the taste may be a bit different, but not entirely; it's still worth trying. I also found out that last month I bought an ingredient that is a total duplicate to one I already had. Bummer! So, I wanted to share this great site with you! Who knows maybe it'll save your sanity and your budget like it did mine!

Give it a try!

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