Friday, September 9, 2011

SF Walk for Life

Many of you have probably heard of "Walk for Life" in the  midst of all the other walks for . . . fundraising. I first heard of it when my roommate in Colorado Springs was volunteering for the local crisis pregnancy center and their Walk for Life event. The following year, I joined her. I didn't do the walk itself but I helped with the kids program. It was a blast.

When we moved to San Francisco, I met the director of the local crisis pregnancy center. She goes to my church. And the center is actually just down the street from our apartment. The director got up in church one Sunday to share about the needs the center had and inspired us with some really amazing stories. She shared with us that the number one reason they hear as to why the mother of an unborn child would consider an abortion is that they can't afford to take care of the child. That is a very real concern. I too think about how Chris and I will afford having a family in the city; but I don't think I had ever realized just how serious this concern is for some women. They are facing a literal life and death decision based on their financial need.

Thankfully, the Alpha Pregnancy Center and others like it are there to help. I was amazed when I heard just how much help they offer to both women who are going through an unplanned pregnancy and those raising kids under the age of 12. With the number of services Alpha Pregnancy Center offers (all of which are free), the concern over not being able to afford their baby should no longer be an issue. PTL!

The annual "Walk for Life" event is a way for the center's programs to continue. Without funds they can't do a whole lot. This year, I have decided to participate in the walk and to raise financial support for the center. I'm really excited about this opportunity as not only can I help raise funds for their programs, but this walk sounds really fun too. We will be split up into teams, given an arm load of presents and will then walk to the homes of families who have been blessed by the center! (The gifts are for the kids in the family.) How neat is that!

My goal is $250 -- and I have 29 days. The walk is on October 8.

Can you help?

I'm still working out a way to do online donations, but if you'd like to sponsor me in this walk -- please send payment to: Emily Babiak; 3812 Mission St Apt 1; San Francisco CA 94110 (make checks payable to: Alpha Pregnancy Center). All donations are tax deductible and Alpha Pregnancy Center will send you a receipt.

please check out: for more information and consider sponsoring me!

402 Miles -- I think I can, I think I can!


Chastidy Ronan said...

Emily, I hope your participation in the walk it rewarding and you love the family you get to deliver gifts to. Thanks for sharing about it on your blog!

Here's an easy way for your friends to donate

Emily said...

Hey friends -- here's the link for my donation page: