Friday, September 2, 2011

The End of Summer

Last week I posted a poll about how often I should blog. The majority (of all 9 votes) said "Weekly." And I would agree. I know I can come up with something to share with all of you on a weekly basis (not including my little hobby pages).

I can't believe summer is seemingly over--in SF the weather should continue to be sunny/half-way warm for a while still. So I'm not complaining about the weather so much as the mindset of Summer being over. The buses are more crowded with school kids, traffic is worse, and generally speaking everyone seems to be more "busy."

It's funny how to many people Summer = vacation no matter what kind of job they have. Even for me-- though I am still working full time, I tend to stay up a little later during the week or do more after work as far as hanging out with friends/date nights, etc. And the weekends tend to be a bit more adventurous like taking day trips to the beach or having picnics in the park. (Doesn't my life sound a little too crazy . . . come on, going to the park . . . on a Saturday! Yikes!) I might even "forget" to do the laundry! Summer is also a time for travelling. We had four visitors this summer and we traveled to Minnesota and Hawaii.

There's something about summer that reminds us to loosen up and have fun. Maybe it's the extended hours of sunshine or the heat that most of you have during these three months of the year. It's freeing isn't it . . . to have Summer. To relax. Breathe. Take a break. It's not just for kids you know!

Now that September is here, our routines go back to normal. Our small group will get back into "study" mode, and our travels will end until Christmas. We do hope to make it the beach a few more times if we can. I'd like to keep the mindset of Summer for a while yet. I'm not ready to give it up. Are you?

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Sheryl B said...

I have only one complaint about THIS summer = We have baked under 100+ temps for way too long. But the travel and visiting was wonderful (partly because it took us away from the 100+ temps) and we (Bob and I) even toyed with staying in Hawaii....maybe someday!