Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh, the Irony

Last week, I made a comment on my blog that was meant to inspire and move your hearts into action. In case you missed it, here's what I said:

"I know many of you may already being giving as much as you possibly can - and I applaud your faithfulness! It takes courage to give when you cannot be certain of the job market next month. It takes great faith to trust in our Provider for our daily bread."

I wrote that on Monday, October 31st. On Tuesday, November 1st, my husband found out that the visual effects studio he has been working for for the last three months was closing its doors. My first thought when I heard the news was, "Oh, the irony . . . I guess I need to learn to be a faithful giver . . . again"

We are definitely bummed out that this studio didn't get a chance to really get off the ground (it was a start-up) and we are a little frustrated that our finances and the way we live will be effected, but after thinking/blogging about trusting the Lord for our provision and giving to those in greater need than ourselves, it doesn't seem so bad this time around. (I say that now, one week after hearing the news . . . you can ask again after Christmas.)

We were discussing that last time Chris was going through a time of unemployment our lives looked much different. I was unemployed too . . . we didn't have a place to live . . . and we had debt. And we saw God provide two jobs and a really great apartment and now we are debt-free. We will trust Him again. He is faithful. He is the Provider.

I will ask that you pray for us in this. Pray that an opportunity would open up for Chris as he looks for work (looking for editing work for a film/movie studio).

I feel like whenever I am brought to a place of need and greater dependence on God, I am also reminded of all the blessings that surround me. I can praise God for so many things even in the midst of this bad news. Things like my job, my home, our church, new friends, old friends . . . you get the idea. One of my friends and fellow bloggers has started making a daily post of one thing she's thankful for during the month of November called "30 Thankful Days". She started it on November 2nd which most likely means nothing to you . . . but I read the post the day after I found out about Chris's job situation. So I was pretty drawn to it. I needed the reminder to be thankful.

So, I think in the spirit of Thanksgiving and remembering that God is worthy of all praise even during times of trouble, I too, will begin making a daily blog about something I am thankful about. (Officially starting tomorrow).


Leah M said...

So sorry Emily... we'll be praying for God's provision and open doors for Chris.

MSDeyle said...

Ooh and opportunity to see exactly what God wants for you! I'll be praying for you job opportunities that are exactly what God has in mind. :)

dawn said...

So sorry to hear about Chris's job... But I do think it's perfect timing for a thankful challenge! Thanks for joining in.