Monday, November 21, 2011

thankful for today

Happy Thanksgiving week! As you know I've joined Dawn and friends in sharing what we are thankful for every day of the month of November. I got a little bit of a late start but that hasn't stopped me from being thankful.

I work for a Christian organization which I love and every Monday morning we begin with a staff meeting.  Staff meetings in the Christian arena tend to look a little different than they would in a corporate setting -- mine include singing worship songs and prayer (along with the business of the week). Anyway, today's meeting was especially delightful as the topic of the worship and prayer time was "Thankfulness!" How perfect is that!

It's such a great way to start out the week - being thankful. And the attitude of thankfulness stayed with me for pretty much the whole day.

I'm also thankful that my husband made me dinner tonight!

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