Wednesday, November 16, 2011

thankful for my brother

I'm thankful for my entire family, but today I want to specifically be thankful for my brother. He is the next in line after me (there are 4 of us) . . . he's my only brother, the only boy in a house full of girls . . .  poor guy.

He called me yesterday and it made my day. It seems like those phone conversations don't happen as often as they should. We are both pretty busy and the time difference doesn't help either. Anyway, I love talking to my brother. I love hearing from him and about him and I don't like living so far away from him. I miss him.

This photo is from a LONG time ago -- but one of my favorites!

My brother is smart, energetic, likes to travel and do interesting things, he has a sarcastic sense of humor, he likes to help people, and he's pretty generous. He was my playmate throughout my entire childhood. We played in the woods, the barn, and everywhere in between. I made him play "house" with me and he made me have snowball and water-gun fights (thankfully in the proper seasons). We both liked legos.

Of course during our middle school and high school years we weren't as friendly with each other--he was quick to remind me that everything I did or said was "dumb." But thankfully that changed as we got older.

He really tried to do his own thing and not "follow in my footsteps" but he couldn't resist. I find it  funny and a little ironic that we went to the same colleges (Northland Community & Technical College and Minnesota State University Moorhead), and ended up working at the same phone bank after graduation. He had put up such a fight to do any of those things just because I did them, but in the end he liked them as much as I did! (What did I know, right!)

He has always been there to help me or listen to me ramble -- and remind me not to be so "stupid." (Don't worry, I think he's joking!) He's a pretty great brother, I don't think I could have asked for anyone better!

What or who are you thankful for today? Join Dawn and others in sharing our "30 thankful days" this month!

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